The Gentlemen's Sports Classic

The GSC consists of eight events. The top six in each event are awarded points based on the following system: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. The gentleman who accumulates the highest point total by the end of the competition is crowned champion and awarded the GSC trophy cup until the following year’s competition.  Champions are engraved into the base of the cup to recognize their historic accomplishment.

The Gentlemen's Sports Classic
Classic Records
The following records are based upon the GSC tournaments , starting from the 1998 
Competition.  Results are calculated off of a Tiered Point system ,ranging from 10 to 1
  Title   Records Gentleman
Most points scored by a gentleman 56 points 2000 Daniel DiSanto
Most consecutive events scored 31 events 2006-2009 Daniel DiSanto
Longest streak without scoring 4 events 1998 Paul Rudek
1999-2000 Jim Pangallo
Lowest point total  1 point 2009 Chris Kalwinsky
Most events not scored in 7 events 1999 Tim Collins
2009 Chris Kalwinsky
Most improved gentleman +20 points 2011-2014 Chris Kalwinsky
Highest number of first place finishes 4 events 1998 Daniel DiSanto
2005 Graham Avila
Widest Margin of Victory +20 points 1998 Daniel DiSanto
Closest Margin of Victory +1 point 03 / '04 / '07 DeLisle/Avila/Foy
Highest point total - Archery 77 points 1999 Daniel DiSanto
Best Golf Score -2    52 2005 Eric Chernikovich
Best Chipping Score -44  46 2010 Daniel DiSanto
Worst Golf Score +43   97 1999 Chris Kalwinsky
Worst Chipping Score 90 09/'13/'14 Chris Fagan
Highest Free Throws 47/50 2007 Paul Rudek
Lowest Free Throws 8/50 1999 Jim Pangallo
Consecutive Free Throws 23 2007 Paul Rudek
Best Cumulative Free Throw % (Min 3 years) 72.4%   750 attempts Paul Rudek  
Highest Cumulative PKT 504 feet 2011 Don Foy
Highest Baseball Darts, 2 Games 47 2009 Don Foy
2014 Defending Champions
Archery Chris Kalwinsky FB Toss Dan DiSanto
Free Throws Paul Rudek (4) Bocce Graham Avila
Golf Paul Rudek Darts Avila/Dolan
Badminton Eric Chernikovich (3) Croquette Steve Dolan
Overall Steve Dolan
* Numbers in ( ) represent number of years in a row as a defending champion

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